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Monday, August 8, 2011

Visit in Vittsjö

The visit to my mother's place was nice, and rather hectic, as usual. Friday we ran some errands in Åhus and also had a tasty lunch at that buffet restaurant we found back in July. Great food, incredible baked salmon.

Saturday we went to Simrishamn by bus again. For basically the same reason as last time. There was also a handcraft market that we looked at. We made a few purchases at the fleamarket, my mother got a top for 10 SEK (1.4 USD), for instance. I found two candleholders that belong to the collector's china I have. I have never had the candleholders, so the 10 SEK per piece they asked for them quickly changed hands. It is no longer possible to buy it new, so if you find it in a second hand store it is always very expensive.

Sunday we started early and went by car to a small place in northern Skåne named Vittsjö. Some relatives on the Mattisson side have a summer house in the countryside up there. It used to be the family farm, so there were barns and other small houses also. We had lunch there and we talked a lot about family history, of course. We also went for a long walk in the forest and picked wild raspberries. They brought us on a tour of the town, so we got to see the cemetery, local stores, the houses the previous generations had lived in and the pretty lakes and forests. Very nice visit. It was rather late when my mother dropped me off at the train station in Hässleholm.

Today I have mostly been packing. I think I can squeeze everything into the suitcase. I also went to work to do some last minute genealogy. My colleagues couldn't help themselves, they shared today's problems with me. Nothing I could solve, though.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the airport for further transportation to Minneapolis. So the next message here will be written from there.

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