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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation - finally

Last Saturday I spent at home, trying to get all the things together for the upcoming trip. I didn't think I would bring that much with me this time, but it looks like I'm wrong. It's going to be a heavy suitcase.

Sunday I went to Lund, to the trunk fleamarket and the mall. Not much of interest to report, just needed a few small things (a new archive folder, for instance). These past three days have been hectic at work. I had to get everything (and everyone) ready for my long absence. I wrote lists of things my colleagues have to remember to do while I'm gone. We had a meeting today to talk things through. I have faith in them, and I'm sure they will manage. I think there are enough staff members, at least. They (jokingly, I hope) asked what my phone number would be in the US.....

The past few weeks I have received a few requests for research, so tomorrow I was thinking of going to the archive in the morning. Later I will travel to my mother's place for the weekend. Hope the sunny weather will last the next few days.

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