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Sunday, October 3, 2010

More emigrants

Thursday and Friday were pretty tough days at work. My colleagues handed over some of the tasks they had been unable to do and there were lots of people I had to talk to. It was a peculiar feeling when several of them clearly sighed of relief when they saw me.

When I read through the Herrlin family history book I noticed several things that I didn't know (and there were also passages where I have a lot more info). There were more emigrants in the family than I thought. One was Nils Herrlin, who (according to the book) was the black sheep in the family, and he had emigrated to America. He was supposed to have been alive at least until the beginning of the 1900s. The author hadn't been able to find more on his life in the US. For this reason, I went to the archive yesterday. It was very difficult, but I found him in the 1910 US census with his name indexed as Niel Hurllin. He died the next year in New York, his name was misinterpreted also in that database. It said in the 1910 census that he had arrived in 1864, and that can be true. There are no passenger lists that early. I wonder how he managed to stay away from the census taker in 1870, 1880 and 1900. While I was at the archive anyway, I went through the entire book and compared the entries with the availabale databases. There were a few additions to be made.

Today has been a big cleaning day. I cleaned several windows, vacuumed everywhere and swabbed the kitchen and bathroom. I also put some items in the attic and went to the recycle place with some cardboard and plastic. My apartment looks better than ever before.

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