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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bowling in Malmö

The first full work week after the vacation was tiring. Lots of things are going on, and we are busy not only with the daily chores, but also with planning for upcoming events. One of the highlights of the week was Monday when it was Cinnamon Bun Day. Strange, but true.

We were eagerly awaiting the announcement of this year's Nobel prize winner in literature. Just like other years, we checked how long time it took before the first request came through our system. It took two minutes this time. We have about 18 books in Swedish by Mario Vargas Llosa, and most of them are now on loan.

Tuesday evening it was time for another social club event. I didn't arrange this one, because I hadn't been at work. We went bowling in Malmö. We started with a very nice meal, a buffet with all sorts of meat, salmon, taco gratin, chicken and lots of greens. The salmon was definitely worth trying more than once. We seemed to be equally bad at the bowling, but it was a fun hour. One of the catalogers at my library won the tournament.

This week I have also been to the charity shop twice to give them discarded clothes and shoes, had dinner in town with a colleague from another library (I bumped into her while window shopping), and today I have been to the flea market (no purchases, but met another colleague) and the archive (yet another interesting case to investigate).

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