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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another meeting

Monday evening there was another Centennial Committee meeting in Kristianstad. I had driven the car to work in the morning. I thought it would be lots of traffic going north in the evening, but there wasn't that much. It takes longer time to drive a car than to take the train. It is really beyond my horizon that so many people drive a car to and from work every day, when the buses and trains run so frequently. Especially now, when the cost for gas is very high. Anyway, the meeting was nice, a guy came over to film us when we introduced ourselves. It will be for a documentary about the concert in April (only on DVD). At the end of May there was a crossword puzzle in the local paper and the one who made it had used pictures from the concert and the clues had a Leroy Anderson theme. This week it's an international music festival in Kristianstad, with participants from several countries. The Moscow Area Symphony Orchestra will perform music by Leroy Anderson. I hope to see some of it this weekend.

This week the high schools have their graduations here. It's very noisy in town with lots of happy (and drunk) students and when you go to work at seven in the morning you often see young people dressed in ball gowns on their way home from a (I assume) great party.

Congratulations to Joyce and Pat who just got married!

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