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Sunday, October 30, 2016


Monday I drove the storage round and then attended a meeting. After this I had to go home. My throat was sore and I knew very well what that meant. Many of my colleagues have been sick and now it was my turn. This was really annoying because my work calender was full and we had arranged a bowling evening on Tuesday. I missed the opening of the renovated lunchroom also. I had to cancel several things and if that wasn't possible, force someone else to take my place.

I have had a severe cold with body-ache and high temperature. It was more like a flu. I was at home for three days and worked a few hours Friday. I'm still not well. It was incredibly boring to sit at home doing nothing. It's amazing how low the quality of the TV shows is in the daytime. Because of my fever, my brain didn't work well enough to solve crossword puzzles. It was truly a bad week.

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