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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hot weather

Yesterday it was 28 degrees and I had to leave the apartment to go someplace where it was airconditioned. It was a while ago I visited the large mall at Hyllie, so that's where I went. I didn't do much there, had lunch (a very nice chicken bacon burger) and browsed the shops. I sat down and rested in several places along the way. There are two large grocery stores in the basement and I picked one to get some veggies. When I left in the afternoon I had managed to spend most of the hottest part of the day indoors, which was the main goal.

The week at work almost killed us because it was incredibly hot inside. I tried to shelve some of the older books but gave up after two carts. It was unbearable to work in the stacks. We have just done the most important tasks. It was a relief to do the two storage rounds but it's not good to work in places which differ in temperature that much. In the actual storage it is 17 degrees, in the glass corridor next to it it is way above 35 and outside it is 26-28. I also had to drive to the grocery store to get some things for a social club event next week. When I had driven more than half way I realized that I had forgotten the credit card. I blame the heat for all the mistakes I made this week.

Tomorrow is our National Holiday and I intend on celebrating it by going abroad. The shops in Denmark are open so I will do a mall tour.

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