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Monday, February 15, 2016

Reference books

The first two workdays last week there had to be extra staff on the fifth floor because the sprinkler system was shut off. They placed a security guard there with an extra fire extinguisher next to him. We felt very sorry for him. He was bored out of his mind. Absolutely nothing happened. The sprinklers are supposed to be functioning again now.

I started on the physical weeding of the reference collection this past week. It was difficult to decide what books should stay on the shelf and not. There were several other problems; all the books didn't have barcodes, some were misplaced and then we are not sure there will be space for the old (pre-20th c.) books we want to move to the stacks.

Last year I was given the task of producing a process chart of my department. It's a list of all the tasks that are carried out on a daily basis. In order to get this done I have interviewed my colleagues. I had the last interview today and then I guess I have to ask myself a few questions also. The list is incredibly long already. It will be a challenge to get it into readable form.

Since I have an impressive amount of overtime I left work at 3 PM to go to the chiropractor and didn't return afterwards. Instead I got some groceries and then went home to rest.

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