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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First real work week of the year

This is the first full working week of the year and we have been very busy. There was a large backlog because several libraries in the network had been closed over the holidays. The extended loan-period ended Monday and many people handed back the books that day. Now everybody seems to gear up for the new year. The students are already borrowing books for their classes starting in a few weeks and my colleagues send me invitations to meetings scheduled on several dates all the way until June. I have already attended the first one.

Yesterday we got a new employee in the stacks. She will only work there in the mornings but it's still a good thing. We have been struggling with many tasks lately and really needed an extra staff member. I gave the introductory speech and showed her how to retrieve books. She will have a hard time because she will work in the ephemera department in the afternoons. Work in both departments is based on knowledge and experience - learning all that at once will be a challenge.

The pedometer I got as a Christmas present at work is already broken. The quality wasn't that great, apparently.

Apart from work, there hasn't been that much done. The weather was rather bad over the weekend so I didn't go anywhere. There are sports on TV that I sometimes watch, like biathlon and other ski-sports. I engage in the research requests also, of course.

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