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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Moose meat and lingonberry jam

Last week I wrote a travel description of my visit to Rome. I included both Arndt's photos from 1929 and mine. It wasn't possible to take exactly the same photos as he did in some cases. For one photo he had climbed up on a hill, but that wasn't allowed now. Also in the Colosseum he was one floor higher up than I could go.  In my previous blog entry I forgot to praise the Italian icecream - it is very well worth tasting!

Also last week I did some excursions around Skåne. I went to Ystad and Malmö, among other places. Wednesday I went to visit my father, I haven't been to his place in several years. We always meet at the summerhouse, so we almost never visit him. My father's first moose hunt this fall was successful and I ended up with some meat, and also homemade (yes, my father's) lingonberry jam and apple sauce. This last thing was a little unexpected, but his girlfriend had supervised the making of it. My father is definitely not known for his cooking abilities. He has recently bought a motor home, which looked very nice. He is planning on doing some travelling both in Sweden and possibly to mainland Europe next year. It will be very practical to have such a vehicle then.

This Thursday I passed by the central train station in Malmö and was very sad to see the large number of Syrian refugees sitting there. It is a terrible situation. Last month 24 000 people applied for asylum here - record breaking amounts. We have major problems finding housing for them. They are going to open a closed correctional facility and put up temporary buildings in a city square, but it will not be enough.

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