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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Museum visit in Elsinore

Last Thursday it was time for the annual bus excursion arranged by the social club at work. 50 of us were going to leave at noon and just ten minutes before that there was a major power outage in Lund. All our computers went out and all other technical equipment quit working. We couldn't even use the PA system to tell the visitors they had to leave the building. The situation was the same when we left to go on the excursion but we later heard that it had lasted for about two hours. The ones who left on the coach got to see the Maritime Museum in Helsingör (Elsinore), Denmark. It's a short ferry ride from Helsingborg. The museum is renowned both for its architecture and displays. It's situated in an old dry dock very close to the harbour. It's completely below ground level. We got a guided tour in Danish. The guide spoke clearly and we could understand him. Since my great great grandfather sailed the seven seas I took a special interest in the paintings of the old ships. There were displays of items brought home by the sailors from faraway places, interiors of a ship, trade routes and old maps, navigation instruments, merchant trade and the losses during wartimes and a large number of model ships from the 15th century and on. An interesting museum. After returning to Lund we had a meal at one of the hotels and I'm sorry to say it was not worth the money. There were many things wrong with it; too little food, almost nothing vegetarian and rude staff. I don't think I have ever heard so many complaints from my colleagues about a dinner (and I don't even work right now). We actually sent these complaints on to the hotel management and they asked to see some of us in person to discuss it. We'll see what happens.

Friday I worked for a few hours. This was planned ahead of time. I attended a meeting. It's far too early to say, but it is possible that I got one of my most brilliant ideas ever at this meeting... I might write more about this later. Over the weekend I was at work to do research for someone else. Today I went to Malmö and managed to find five different second hand shops. Got some small things and then went to work to try to finish the research. Didn't quite make it so I will have to visit again.

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