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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lots of statistics

Not much is going on here, apart from work and research. The only thing out of the ordinary happened last week when the bus driver took a wrong turn and I ended up at another bus stop than the intended one in Lund. 

At the library these days are filled with work on statistics. We have to hand in quite detailed statistical information to the Royal Library every year and it's a long and complicated process. This year they changed the form completely and gave us one month shorter time to answer. There are things we sometimes would like to say about the Royal Library which is not suitable for any kind of quotation. I'm not responsible for handing it in for my department, but I have attended several meetings about the matter and I have to count the books and/or the shelf space. It's basically the same problem every year - we don't know exactly how many books we have...

This week I went to the chiropractor to get treatment and the first thing he said was: So, you have started working again, haven't you? My back problems are very much associated with my work and he hadn't seen me in over six months since I was on leave most of last Fall.

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