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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crowded trains

There hasn't been that much going on here. The weather is nice and I have stayed at home for the most part, mainly because my train pass expired. I have of course been busy with Olga's biography. I also admired the guy who stood on my balcony, first cleaning, then painting both the roof and ceiling of it, and the wall (in three different colors). It's a little strange to have builders walk past your balcony and windows every day, and I have to make sure I'm properly dressed... It's at the end now, the scaffolding will be gone soon.

The train strike is still going on, unfortunately. The summer pass (travel in the entire province at affordable price) started this Sunday and I made the mistake of going to Malmö. Getting there was ok, but on the way home the train was extremely crowded. I have experienced worse train rides in my time, but still, it was not pleasant. It will be 28 years of daily commuting this fall. Incredible what I have put up with all these years.

At work my colleagues seem to be doing fine. They were surprised to get 120 requests from the same person yesterday, but they managed. It has slowed down at the library, but we get these hobby researchers during the summer and they can challenge us quite a lot. I'm visiting my workplace right now, and from the documents posted on the intranet I can conclude that I have been elected member of a committee here and that I will be in charge of a workshop I have never heard of. Interesting.

This upcoming weekend is the Midsummer holiday, and I plan on going to visit my mother at the summerhouse. I might stay there for a while if the weather is good.

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