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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freedom at last

It turned out to be eleven workdays in a row, so I was pretty brain dead at the end. The last week I attended two meetings and there were many issues to solve. I managed to clear my desk, and many people commented on this, some even said they hadn’t been sure that they would ever see the actual desk. Yes, I kept an enormous amount of stuff there; books, family history papers and other documents. I had to borrow the storage round car to get all of my personal belongings home. There were eight boxes with candy also.

Easter was spent at the summer house, with my mother and two of her friends. It was the annual art fair event, where local artists keep open houses, to show their works. My aunt visited also, and we all had Easter lunch at Furuboda and celebrated her birthday at the same time. Lots of boiled eggs and pickled herring were consumed (very tasty). Apart from that we did mostly garden work. We mowed the lawn and cleared the area for tree branches and pine cones. I returned home Sunday.

At home I have done a lot of organizing. I have tried to file away documents and old genealogy cases into appropriate folders. Still a lot to do there. I brought two bags with clothes and Christmas ornaments to the charity shop. I have been to the recycling place with paper, plastic and metal. It feels rather strange to have this much time off and I think I will end up getting very lazy. However, I wake up at seven every morning when they start working on the buildings and assemble the rest of the scaffolding.

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