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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Missing books

This past Tuesday it was exactly one year ago this big book moving project started. It was celebrated only a little, the movers got some cookies. It has been a year filled with hard work. I am amazed at the endurance these guys (and the girl) have. Two of them have been working here the entire time.

It has been an interesting week at work. It is soon time to move the smaller donated collections. I have a list of them, and I have spent time in the storages, locating them and marking them. One is missing. It is a collection of six shelfmeters, and I can't find it. I have searched in all the places possible and it just isn't there. The only hope now is that it will somehow surface when everything else has been moved...

The movers got new challenges when they changed shelving location to the other (older) storage in the same building. We had problems with the loading dock, because it's a different alarm system and we really didn't know how to manage it. We got help from the archivists, so it worked out though. We had previously moved out about 700 meters from the older storage, so now we placed collection no 2 of textbooks there. Collection no 3 was already placed there. Collection no 1 is a part of another series and will stay at the main library. The collection of UN print was also divided in two parts, that is now also placed in the same building.

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