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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another 10 000 meters moved

Incredible week. Great variation in events, not always fun ones. The lenten bun we got Tuesday was tasty, of course. The rest of that day I would really like to forget as soon as possible. The madness began when the moving truck refused to start when they were going to deliver the first load of books in the morning. The battery was dead. After a long and complicated chain of events (where we tried to help, but failed), they called a company that came out and replaced the battery. Most of the working day passed by, with very little book moving done. It was frustrating.

The social club event Wednesday evening was interesting. We attended an exhibit in Malmö about Tutankhamun. All the artifacts were copies, but very well done. It was exact replicas of all the things found in his tomb. Lots of history to learn there. There were incredible valuables, large objects of gold and magnificient pieces of art and also practical objects he was thought to need in the next life.

This week I also attended a lecture about the Swedish Dictionary, a very large dictionary describing the Swedish language from 1521 until present times. Their staff uses our library very much, they even have access to most of the stacks, so we see them quite a lot. The work writing the dictionary started in the 1880s, and they are now on the letter U, so they have been working on it for some time.

Thursday it was time again for a lunch with the movers. We celebrated the fact that they have moved an additional 10 000 shelfmeters of books. They have actually done about 75% of it now. Very impressive. The largest storage is rather empty, we don't have to retrieve books there that often anymore.

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