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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moving-mistakes again

Again, nothing written here in a while. I need my life to include more hours.

Two weeks ago we had the traditional dinner and bowling in Malmö with some colleagues. Very nice, many people turned up for it.

I have to take nine days off before the end of the year, because I can't save all of my vacation days. It's nearly impossible to do, since my job is so crazy right now. I did take one Monday off, but I ended up going shopping for the Christmas party we are planning, so that was really work. Last week was a memorable one. The movers have never made so many mistakes in such a short time before. It was a complicated call number system right there, and I really can't blame them. It meant that I had to help them re-shelve 50 plus 40 meters. It was a tough job (we had to move it twice) and we kept a pretty high pace. I haven't done something like that in years, so I was sore for days afterwards. I could really feel where my back problems are located. I'm glad I don't have their job, I would never survive it.

It is amazing, but despite the mistakes last week, the movers have relocated 20 000 shelfmeters of books in total. They have come halfway now. We celebrated this by giving them lunch.

Last weekend was spent at the summer house, where I met the rest of the family. It was a short visit, since I arrived very late due to the shelving mistakes. We went to the cemetery Saturday to place candles at the family graves for All Saint's. We also got a cookie overdose at mother's friend's house that afternoon.

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