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Monday, October 8, 2012

Shower issues

The server was up and running again by Tuesday, so we had requests from several days to retrieve that afternoon. It went pretty fast, mainly because my colleagues are eager to help and we skipped the storage requests. Everything is back to normal and we don't think any information was lost.

There was a new exhibit opened last Friday at the library. It's about the famous Swedish author August Strindberg. It's 100 years since he died. He spent time in Lund, where he wrote one of his works, Inferno. The exhibit looked very professional and informative.

For me it was a tough Friday. I had to drive to the same storage four times for different reasons. Also to two others. I discovered that the movers had forgotten over a meter of books and sadly this was my fault. I had placed the end-sign in the wrong place. I can't blame anyone else. There isn't much to do about this, we will have to squeeze that in somehow.

Last week the janitor at my apartment building repaired my shower. It wasn't working properly, there was very little water coming through. It took two people most of an afternoon to get that fixed, but I'm very happy that they did. The shower has never worked this well before. They also fixed the radiator in my kitchen, so that I don't have to freeze this winter.

This weekend I haven't done that much, apart from some sewing. I haven't used the sewing machine for a long time. Now I had four pairs of jeans that were too long, so I shortened them. I also mended two other pairs, made some adjustments to a top and hemmed a scarf. Speaking of clothes, I got a much needed winter jacket that is water resistant on mail order, and also a few more tops.

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