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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have thrown out my summer flowers and put heather in the box on the balcony instead. The fall weather is quite nice and sunny, but it's getting colder now. And dark, especially in the mornings. My mother has moved back to Borås for the winter.

The situation at work is still pretty tough. My colleagues do the hardest work, since I'm busy with the move. Not that it's an easy job, but it's more planning, cleaning and re-arranging, not five or six carts of books to be retrieved at the same time. We all complain about the heavy lifting. The treatment I got by the chiropractor this Tuesday was again necessary.

We have an intern in the stacks who is from Germany. We host a visit every year. We have a number system in the stacks, so he doesn't have to understand Swedish in order to retrieve books. He helps out every day. He speaks very good English. Some of my colleagues have practiced their knowledge of German during his visit also.

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