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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Milestone passed

New month again. The weather is unreliable, with some sunny and humid days and some very rainy ones. I stayed home most of the weekend, watching the Olympic Games on TV. The Swedes are not doing that great, only one silver medal so far (in eventing, an equestrian sport).

At work the book move is progressing. There was a photographer taking pictures of the whole thing this week. He works for a website about Lund. When the photos are up, I will post the link here. The movers passed 10 000 shelfmeters this Monday. This was celebrated with a very nice lunch at the library today. They have done 25% of it now.

Two new employees started working here this week. Both women. They are not placed in my department, but I will meet them frequently anyway.

Let's see how long my vacation will be now. It starts on Monday and it will last until there is a crisis at work. I will count the days.

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