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Friday, July 6, 2012

Flea market at Furuboda

The Midsummer weekend at the summer house was nice. It was just my mother and me. We didn't really do much, just one excursion to a store to get some new summer toys for the kids. I also started arranging the books for the flea market. I worked two days after Midsummer, and then Wednesday I went to the dentist in Kristianstad. I had a large cavity, because a part of an inlay had cracked. It was no problems fixing it, though. After that I went on to the summer house, and by then my sister and her family had arrived there too. We spent Wednesday-Friday preparing for the flea market and auction at Furuboda Friday afternoon. We unpacked boxes with all sorts of things to sell. We are rather particular, we decide beforehand what many of the items will be sold for. We were about 25 people who worked with all of it. My sister sold paintings and clothes, I sold books and my mother textiles. It's quite fun, but tiring. On the day of the flea market, we also celebrated my mother's birthday a little. One of her friends had made a very tasty cake that we all enjoyed.

Saturday we rested mostly. Sunday morning the others drove back to Borås, while I stayed a little longer. I arranged a second sales day of the flea market. There were still things left worth buying. It went well, even though it wasn't properly advertised. An ugly green kitchen table with four chairs, which had been standing outdoors in the rain, was sold, to my great surprise.

The week at work has been tough. I'm glad the movers are managing better, because I could only work half days this week. I caught a very bad cold from the other family members (mainly my mother, I guess). It's difficult to think when the brain feels that fluffy. I'm doing better now, but it's still affecting me. This was the first time since February 2011 I got sick.

I have made some use of the summer pass on the trains and buses this year. I have so far been in Skurup, Ystad, Burlöv, Malmö and Helsingborg. Primarily to go shopping. The weather hasn't really been that great, it has been raining a lot. It's about 20 centigrades right now and very cloudy.

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