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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Incredible work week

Just like I imagined, last week was incredibly tough. The movers arrived that Monday and after the introduction they started moving books from the stacks here to a remote storage. They use carts to place the books on, and then the carts are transported by truck. We are of course happy that we have started on this project (finally, after years of planning). I do wish that there hadn't been such problems, though. There were minor accidents like turned over carts. The movers misunderstood some instructions and didn't take a few meters of books they should have included. Lots of things weren't working; one of the elevators couldn't stand the increased traffic, my colleagues complained about the elevators being occupied all the time, we didn't have enough carts to keep everything running, and the truck quit functioning when someone (the moving company's driver) had put petrol in it instead of diesel. This last thing surprised us the most. Everything else is normal when you do something like this, but that mistake was a little out of the ordinary. The logistics of this operation is complicated. We are going to rearrange most of the collections, and this means that we have to take for instance 26 meters from the main library, 15 meters from a storage, 30 meters from the main library, 14 meters from another storage, and so on. Lots of driving and lots of keys/cards/codes required to get in and out of the storages.

My colleagues asked a lot about the move, so Monday afternoon I started a new blog (in Swedish). It's mainly for my colleagues, who are wondering about the progress.

Saturday my father and his girlfriend came to visit. I had to vacuum and tidy up first, so I got up early. We went to the mall outside Lund. I got some new plants for the box on the balcony.

Sunday I did some research at work. Back home, I planted the flowers and it looks great. A yellow rose in the middle of the box, with blue and red flowers on the sides. Other small flowers also in pots on the table out there. Now the weather can change to more spring-like, so that I can enjoy it also. Rainy and windy, mostly. Still cold in the mornings. Sunday evening I planned on writing on the blog, but my computer at home is now so old that it doesn't work anymore.

The start of this week was not so bad, the movers have found a good working routine. They manage a lot by themselves now, luckily.

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