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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Work and research

I re-calculated the entire book collection one more time. There will be problems getting everything to fit into the new storage. I kind of suspected this. The past few weeks I have spent many hours in the storages, trying to figure out what to do about it. I have discarded a large part of a collection where we had several hundred copies of every book. Pretty unnecessary to keep all of them, especially since no one asks for them anymore.

The climate is a little warmer here, around 10 centigrades in the day. Cold in the mornings, though. I still wear my winter coat. It's lighter out and many spring flowers are blooming already.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went shopping at a mall outside Malmö. There were very few items purchased, only a top and a scarf. But it was still interesting to see the spring collections. I also got some of my favorite flowers, a bouquet of yellow tulips.

Today I went to work to do some research. The computer there is a lot better than mine. I continued on the Göteborg research, and made some progress. In one family I researched the husband "forgot" to report the death of his wife (at least that's what I think). She was buried properly, but the fact that she had died wasn't entered into the deathrecords until six years later. That was actually the first time I have seen anything like that in Swedish records. It must be unusual, because here it was the same organization which was in charge of both burials and record keeping. I have learned a lot from this case, definitely.

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