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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Committee meeting

This past week my library hosted a visit from the national committee I'm a member of. It concerns digitization of old material. It was the fourth meeting and everything went well. I arranged a visit to the manuscript department, where we were shown what collections have been and should be digitized. Each library has some special unique collections they want to make available to a wider audience, but it is rather costly to do that. We don't get any extra funds for it. We were also given an interesting presentation of a photo scanning project. The tour of the library took longer than I had planned for, because the others had never been there and wanted to see basically everything. Especially the old collection was of interest (most of them work with such books on a daily basis). We had the actual committee meeting also, so it was a full day.

The other part of the work week was rather busy. I have seen on the schedule that the staff in the stacks have been listed for circulation desk tasks for the next two weeks also. Not to my liking, because we are lagging behind with shelving. I realize that shelving has a lower priority, but it's still annoying. This past week we also had to staff the open collection and help out in general.

I was right about the icy roads, but I have made it to and from work without any accidents. It's just below freezing, and there is a cold wind. I haven't been anywhere this weekend, it's too cold out. I got groceries at one of the local stores and it was not a pleasant walk.

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