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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trip to Copenhagen

Last week was shorter than usual, because we had a holiday Thursday. It was Ascension Day and the library was closed. Friday very few wanted to work. Just three people in total in the stacks, but we managed. Saturday I went to Ikea in Helsingborg. When my mother visited last time she gave me an idea, so I had to get some small things. I added a section to a small box standing on the floor in the hallway. So now it's more of a book case, with baskets in the openings. Good for keeping my handbags in. Also bought some more plastic containers and napkins.

Sunday I didn't do much, but yesterday I went to Copenhagen. June 6 is our national holiday. There are some celebrations with folkmusic, speeches, and people have lunches in the parks, but it's not really a big thing here. Many people have instead discovered the fact that it's a normal working day in Denmark. The shops are open there. I hadn't been there in a long time, so I had a list of shops to visit. I have never used the local transportation system as much before as I did now. The metro runs very often, and it's fast. There are no drivers on the metro trains, and that's a little concerning, but it seems to work well. I spent the entire day in Copenhagen and visited two large malls, the usual shopping streets downtown, two second hand stores, and a large number of clothing and shoe stores. I had lunch at Hard Rock cafe; grilled chicken and brownie+icecream. I found so many nice clothes! They have (mostly) different kinds of collections there. Even the visit to H&M was successful. I bought a very long rusty brown dress with covered back and very flattering front. I have never seen such a dress for sale at H&M, I was really surprised. In total I came home with ten pieces of clothing and one pair of sandals. It must be the closest to a shopping spree I have ever come. I made quite a few bargains, there were many clothes on sale. It was warm weather and I was very tired when I finally came back to my apartment at 8 in the evening. There had been problems with the trains also, several trains were overcrowded and I (and about 30 other people) were left stranded on a small station just before the airport (where Scandinavia's largest mall is). It took about an hour longer to get home than I had planned on.

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