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Friday, September 24, 2010

Difficult research

There has been even more shopping done. I have actually been to one more Ikea store. They just re-opened one outside Helsingborg after extending it quite a lot. I only got a cardboard box set, and then I did the other purchases at the mall next door. There is a store there for women considerably older than I, and it's very expensive clothes. Sometimes they have a sales rack, and I have been lucky several times. Now there was a pair of dressy pants for 50 SEK (about 6 USD). Incredibly cheap, especially since the original price was 999 SEK (143 USD).

There has also been more research done. I have been to the archive three times this week. My hand hurts from all the writing. Sometime in the (distant) future this work will be the base of another emigrant list, for Hjärsås parish. It's a great challenge to do this, because many of the church records have been destroyed by fire. The first household record is from 1861 and the first birth book is from 1869. I can tell from the passenger lists that there were more than 120 emigrants before 1861, but getting birthdates, birthplaces and checking for emigrants from the same families will be impossible.

Since I have been at home at least a few evenings, I have been cooking a little. The cauliflower soup was a success, but the tuna dish was not.

Tomorrow morning I will travel to Småland. I have relatives in Växjö that my mother and I will visit for the weekend. She will travel from Borås, and if everything goes according to plan, we will get there at about noon, by two different trains.

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