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Sunday, December 14, 2008


It was the social club at work that organized the Lucia celebration at the library this Friday morning. It could have been done better, if the car the singers were in hadn't broken down on the highway and if the bakery that delivered the cookies and coffee hadn't been half an hour delayed. We were only three people to organize it, and basically everything went wrong. Finally, the 65 librarians got to hear the seven music college students sing the traditional Lucia and Christmas songs, including Stilla Natt (Silent Night), Lusse Lelle, Det strålar en stjärna and others. It was high quality on the singing and very good saffron buns, so I guess people were satisfied anyway, but the delay was frustrating.

This weekend I have written my annual Christmas letter, sent Christmas cards (some people still send real ones) and I also tried to sort the things on my desk, on the table and on the floor. Success was limited. One of my colleagues has written a book about the pubs in London, and I have started to read it. It's over 500 pages and only cover the ones he thinks are worth visiting. The book also contains a lot of cultural history of London, so even I, who never drink any beer, can appreciate reading it.

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